Overview Compilation

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1. Deluxer by Fire To The Stars
Written and Performed by Fire To The Stars
2. Working
by Basenji
Written by Doug Heltzel (BMI)
Performed by Basenji
3. Trash
by Herukas
Written by Edward Landis (BMI)
Performed by Herukas
4. Misery Meditations by The Red*Eyes
Written and Performed by The Red*Eyes
5. b114 by Kol9remesez
Written and Performed by Kol9remesez
6. Aqua Pt. 3 & 4 by Ishtar
Written and Performed by Ishtar


Erlking (Teaser) by James Landis
Written by Franz Schubert
Performed by James and Edward Landis

Cover Art by James Landis

All songs used with permission of their respective writers and performers

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Featured Track: Working by Basenji